Friday, January 11, 2013

Off the page: 52 Reasons that I love you

My boyfriend just left for China for two weeks, and I wanted to make him something to take with him that would remind him of me. It had to be inexpensive to make, and also small enough to sneak into his suitcase.

The "52 Reasons that I love you" deck of cards is an old idea I saw on Pinterest a while ago, and I decided that it would make the perfect gift for the occasion. This is by no means an original idea of mine and I can't take any credit for it.

I decided to keep this project extremely simple, as guys don't always seem to appreciate the effort and small scrapbooky bits that us girls love to add to everything. It was quite a challenge to keep myself from adding hearts and using punches, but in the end I am satisfied with how it turned out.

The font I used is called Londrina and it is available for free download here.

I also thought it would be hard to come up with a list of things I love about him, but it ended up being really easy, and I had to limit myself to just 52 things. I'm adding a translated version of my list at the bottom of this post if anyone is interested.

I hope that he will be able to limit himself to read just a few reasons each day, to make them last his whole trip, but if he is anything like me, I highly doubt that will happen!

If you are interested in making your own deck of cards, you can find detailed instructions here or here.

52 Things I love about you

1.  How you nudge me out of my comfort zone to try more adventurous activities
2. That you can easily chat to anyone about anything anywhere
3. That you are a really good mountain biker, but never boast about it.
4. How you know something about almost every topic anyone would like to talk about
5. Your unshaved face...
6. Your freshly shaved face
7. How you always try to hide your nails from me when you've been chewing them
8. How I always feel safe and protected when I'm with you
9. That you always play with my hair when I ask you to
10. How sexy you look in your office clothes
11. How passionate you are about some things
12. That you can always make me smile even when I am grumpy
13. How you look after and care for my mountain bike as if its your own
14. How you always amaze me by telling me interesting facts about random things
15.  That you don't mind helping and teaching me and never get impatient with me
16. That you always check with me before making important decisions
17. That others might think you are hard, but I know that you are actually a big softie
18. How you remind me about my Faith when I start to doubt myself
19. How easy it is for you to make new friends
20. How you always stay calm, even in difficult situations
21. That we never have awkard moments
22. That you know how to keep me calm when I am stressed or upset
23. That you love animals
24. How you laugh at me when I've accidently said or done something funny or stupid
25. That we can always work together as a team in everything we do
26. That you don't always let me have my way
27. That you still open the car door for me
28. That you always reach for my hand in church
29. How you always call me strange and funny names
30. That you always help me carry my bag
31. That you always say I look pretty even when I don't feel pretty
32. How easily you take really awesome photos
33. The few gray hairs you've got: they just make you more handsome
34. That you always comfort me when I'm sad
35. That you take me out of my comfort zone, but never make me do anything I really don't want to
36. How you sometimes believe in me more, than I do in myself
37. That you are and act so mature
38. How you order Rooibos tea at restaurants...
39. And then slurp it up!
40. How self confident you are
41. How you love and care for your family
42. How you always pose and pull faces when I want to take a photo of you
43. That you can drive extremely well
44. How you can fix anything if its broken
45. That you are so practical
46. That you don't mind being silly and stupid with me once in a while
47. How you are good in almost anything you try doing
48. That you also allow me to teach you things sometimes
49. That you trust me and believe in me
50. That you're never afraid to take a chance
51. That it was actually quite easing writing this list!
52. Every little thing about you that make you unique!